Whale Watching Loreto

During the months of December through April witness friendly Gray Whales up close at their winter birthing and mating sanctuaries. See Blue, Humpback, Fin, Pilot and Orca whales to name but a few. We can help you customize a once in a life time Sea of Cortez whale watching adventure any time of the year.  The waters off the coast of Baja California, Mexico, offer some of the most spectacular and diverse whale watching opportunities in the world because of its nutrient rich and high salt content waters.

Whales migrate from the Northern Pacific and make the journey south down the west coast of Baja California, around the Los Cabos Tip and back north into the sea of Cortez and bay of California.

Baja Whale Watching Adventures

Baja California Whale Watching Adventures Loredo

We have been working with what we feel are, some of the most environmentally sound ecotour companies in Baja California Sur. We know how important your vacation should be, and strive to make your stay here in Loreto as memorable as possible.

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