Baja Mule Ranchero Tours

Take a journey back into the American West, when rancheros tamed and were tamed by the land to become some of the best cowboys in history. The old western frontier exists today in Baja California Mexico, with a rich cultural heritage that was born of expedition, conquest and the heart of the cowboy. Today Mexican Rancheros are some of the last remaining cowboys living the rich and highly specialized cowboy lifestyle of their ancestors. Their link between the past and the present is very strong and very much alive today for you to experience. There is a wonderful feature film documentary aptly titled “The heart of the cowboy”. It is a film about these amazing cowboys who are part of history, the old west, the rich cowboy culture and the history of Baja California Sur Mexico. it is funny, entertaining, insightful and respectful of the enduring culture.

The Heart of the Cowboy (Preview)

 A journey into California’s Final Frontier – (Documentary Feature)

If you are looking to experience this culture first hand and step back into time, the Mexican Rancheros expedition tour is a once in a lifetime trip. Ride with the cowboys, see how they have tamed the land over centuries to yield a unique and special lifestyle that is as colorful as it is enlightening. We can help you arrange a Ranchero tour and mule expedition as part of your stay here with us at the La Damiana Inn.

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