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We have teamed up with what we consider to be the most skilled and ethical companies in baja. Our friends at Sea Kayak Baja Mexico, are very professional, very experienced and very friendly people. We highly recommend them for your sea kayaking adventures in Loreto BCS Mexico. The owner Ivette is a personal friend, we have a great working business relationship and her shop is located directly across from the La Damiana Inn. Together can offer individual or group tour packages including hotel and taxes.

Sea Kayak Baja California Mexico  Sea Kayak Baja California Mexico Sea Kayak Baja California Mexico

Please check out her website and contact us for reservation or booking information. Please mention that we recommended Sea Kayak Baja Mexico, and we look forward to seeing you here in Loreto Baja California Sir Mexico.

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The Baja Experience – by Sea Kayak Baja Mexico
Baja stirs the soul. Those who are tuned into energy fields say that the coastal “Sierra la Giganta” mountains and the islands near Loreto form a basin for catching energy. No matter what you believe, the view from Carmen Island plays symphonies on the heartstrings as the evening sun works its way over the peaks, backlighting spires and painting both sea and sky with colors.

It is a place of new perspectives, not only personally, but scientifically as well. The Guaymas trench, in roughly the middle of the Sea, plunges nearly a mile deep, and belches volcanic and hydrothermal vents which support life based on hydrogen sulfide instead of sunlight. That discovery was a major shift in our understanding of what makes life possible.

In the Sea of Cortez, the world’s youngest, most nutrient-rich ocean meets the diverse Sonoran Desert. Colorful volcanic mountains rise from the waters to protect pockets of pebbled beach. Ancient shells are fossilized in white sediments that form 30ft tall waterfront cliffs and erode into soft white sand beaches. Tenacious plants and well-adapted animals thrive in challenging conditions. Several cacti and some lizards, mice, and snakes are endemic to the area and live nowhere else in the world.

The sea is a plankton soup which supports colorful reef fish like the orange-tailed king angel, schools of pelagic fish like the dorado, mysterious creatures like the paper nautilus, playful dolphins, and enthusiastic jumping creatures like the mobula–a small manta ray that leaps from the water, flaps vigorously, and splashes back down. Blue whales, the largest animals ever to inhabit the earth, also visit these waters, along with fin whales, humpbacks, occasional gray whales, orcas, and others.

The National Marine Park of the Bay of Loreto manages five islands–Coronado, Danzante, Carmen, Monserrrate, and Santa Catalina as well as the adjoining coast along the base of the Sierra la Giganta Mountains. Crossings of 4 miles or less make some of these islands accessible to nominally experienced kayakers in calm weather. Longer crossing routes, exposed coastlines, and temperamental Baja winds also challenge the expert.

Paddling with Sea Kayak Baja Mexico, you experience this special place in a small group (4-8) of similarly experienced paddlers with the most experienced, enthusiastic, and highly certified guides or coach in Loreto. You also paddle a single Nigel Dennis or similar skeg kayak with a carbon Werner paddle or Don Beale Greenland paddle. If you are a paddler, join Sea Kayak Baja Mexico and come for a real kayak expedition!