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The Adventure
An adventure that is a “must see” is the Isla Coronado Tour. Typically lasting from half to a full day, this beautiful island experience encompasses a panga or boat ride around the island with a mid trip landing on the white sandy beaches of Isla Coronado. At the island, you can swim, snorkle or just enjoy the beautiful tropical sun. The typical boat used for this tour is called a “panga”, a simple, safe boat that the locals have traditionally used for fishing. Your guide or capitan will point out the various types of sea life that you may experience along the way.

Baja California Sea Turtle Adventure Loreto BCS Mexico

Baja California Sea Turtle Adventure Loreto BCS Mexico

The Loreto Bay meets the Sea of Cortez, and is home to dolphins, whales, manta rays, a variety of trophy and local fish, sea turtles and more. The tour takes you to the back side of the island where you will discover amazing volcanic rock formations, and may be treated to an amazing bird watching experience of beautiful Ospreys, Blue-Footed Boobies, Cormorants or other indigenous sea birds. Further on the tour, you will come across a sea lion colony, where you can snorkel with the sea lions if you wish. Further into the tour, you come across the safe, shallow white sand beaches of the Isla Coronado, great for swimming, lunch and relaxing.

Various tour companies can provide this basic tour with prices ranging from a “bare bones” trip that ranges from *$50USD per person to approximately *$65 USD per person. If you seek a more elaborate island experience,  including an English speaking guide, food, drink, snorkle gear and wet suits as needed can also be arranged. A combination of snorkeling off the boat and kayaking on the North side of the island or circling the island is also possible. This trip can easily be arranged during your stay in Loreto, just ask and we can make suggestions or arrange the whole trip through one of the local tour operators.

*Pricing is only a guide and will range depending on the operator and tour package.

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