Cave Paintings Loreto BCS

Cave Paintings Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico One of the most outstanding collections of rock cave Paintings in Loreto BCS Mexico (Baja). Renowned worldwide, these Pinturas Rupestres, or Cave Paintings are the remnants of a civilization that resided in this area between 1000 BC and 1300AD. They are incredible and  so well preserved due to the relatively dry climate and inaccessability. They have been included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Mexican government recoginizes the historical value of these sites and they are highly protected through INAH federal regulations. You will need a licensed guide to visit any of the major sites. Trudi Angel of Saddling South runs multi-day mule tours into the Sierra de la Gigantes to visit these amazing sites.

Cave Paintings Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico While most of the major sites are in the Sierra de la Giganta mountains north of San Iganacio, there are some significant examples relatively close to Loreto. The little known site of La Pinguica lies about an hour and a half north of Loreto and is accessable only with a 4 wheel drive and a 20 minute walk. This site containing both petroglyphs and pictographs that are very colorful and is the only site in the state where the color turqouise is used. Tour Loreto provides a tour of this site and the naturalist guide will also educate one on the flora and fauna of the area. This tour is also included in some of the packages offered by La Damiana Inn. Click here for more information.

Further north out of Mulege lie additional cave painting sites, the most notable being La Trinidad. Again, this site is protected and a licensed guide is necessary. Mulege tours offers more information about the site and available tours.

Experience cave paintings in Baja California Sur.

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